I was so uncertain of how anyone could help me with my massive credit card debt and my student loans. I was so far over my head and, as a single mom, couldnít even imagine being able to make ends meet, let alone save money! But just like you said when I called, not only did you get me out of debt, but for the very first time in my life, I have a savings account with almost $2000.00 in it! In a million years I didnít think it could happen, and I canít even begin to thank you and your team for literally changing my life...forever! Thank you and God bless you.
Karen, Millington, MI

I want to thank you for helping me get out of debt. There are some companies out there that do almost nothing for their clients. I have experienced that with another company - but not with Nationwide Consulting Firm. You did what you promised. In fact, you were faster than I expected and I am more than pleased with Nationwide Consulting Firm. I plan to refer any of my friends who allow themselves to get in the fix I was in.
D.G. Austin, TX

I am relieved you are there to help. Thank you for being there and sustaining a positive attitude. Have a good day and thank you for doing such a magnificent job with Citibank. Warmest,
O.B. Rochester, NY

We are very pleased with Nationwide. They have helped us pay less than 50% of our credit card debt in 2 years. They always had answers to our questions and were very confident. We trusted them even when things didn’t look so good at times. We will and have recommended them to friends and family because of the superior job they did.
B.F & S.F. Bellevue, NE

I know that my accounts have been challenging and I really didn’t want to be the individual that consumes all of your time…I really just wanted to get out of the enormous debt that I was in and fade into the background. Here are the 3 reasons I chose Nationwide Consulting Firm to begin with…. 1) you custom fit your program to each individual 2) ZERO complaints with the BBB 3) the extreme passion for the work you do. I knew that if the program worked as effectively as the team had passion for their work…I had a fighting chance. I can’t offer much to you right now, but a simple Thank You for the hard work each of you have done.
K.C. Spring Hill, TN

I really can say enough about how wonderful you, Alicia, Cory, and all of the other at Nationwide have been. I loved the fact that everyitme I called I was treated like I was their best friend. That says a lot about you and your companies integrity. I also want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to help me with my personal issues that are a step above the norm of the requirements for Nationwide; and I am sure for you personally…WOW!!!!
Happy Hugs,
K.G. Mesa, AZ

We would like to thank NWDS for getting us out of debt. We were able to settle over 9 credit cards for 40% of what we owed and are now debt free! And all of that, with a 6 month period!!!! A special thanks to Sarah and Teresa for making us feel comfortable since day 1 and for being there for anything we needed. Thank you,
S.P. & J.P. North Bergen, NJ

Qualified Accounts

  • Credit Card Debt
  • Personal Loans
  • Repossesed Vehicles
  • Medical Hospital Bills

Non-Qualified Accounts

  • IRS Accounts
  • Car Payments
  • Mortgage Loans
  • Student Loans
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Nationwide Consulting Firm specializes in providing debt relief for its clients by providing ethical debt negot tion services.

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Nationwide Consulting Firm is working for you and not your creditors.

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Nationwide Consulting Firm specializes in providing debt relief for its clients by providing ethical debt negotiation services.

Nationwide Consulting Firm: Debt Relief Agency, Debt Consolidation Company

Are you overwhelmed with credit card debt?
If so, for immediate help call Nationwide Consulting Firm at 602-651-1351.
By providing some very simple methods, along with easy to use tools and resources that the average consumer can not only understand but also integrate into their lifestyle, Nationwide Consulting Firm has helped THOUSANDS of individuals like YOU establish realistic, ACHIEVABLE goals that help to create the strong financial foundation each family needs to feel safe, secure, and protected.

Nationwide Consulting Firm offers a free consultation.
Nationwide Consulting Firm offers a free budget analysis.
Nationwide Consulting Firm offers free educational seminars.

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Nationwide Consulting Firm strives for superior customer service. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with our services or we are unable to reach a settlement agreement with one of your creditors your service fee will be reviewed by an account manager for a refund.

** Individual settlement percentages vary and the overall settlement percentage is an average of the individual settlements actually made. For example, some previous examples may have settled accounts at 29% while others may have settled at 79%. Not all clients enrolled complete settlements for varying reasons including but not limited to cancelling out of the program or failing to save money. Settlement percentages are calculated as the total settlement dollars paid divided by the total amount of outstanding debt at the time of settlement.**
Nationwide Consulting Firm does not provide legal, tax or investment advice. Nationwide Consulting Firm does not assist in the repair, modification, improvement, extension or correction of credit entries or reporting. Nationwide Consulting Firm Services are only available in states where current law allows us to provide service. Nationwide Consulting Firm does not provide credit card debt consolidation services instead we negotiate directly with your creditors.
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